State forests list

This list includes all relevant State forests that have dedicated recreation areas. See a full list of State forests.  

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Includes: Paddy's River Dam; Blowering Dam Foreshore (currently closed); Hume and Hovell Walking track; Pilot Hill Arboretum; Paling Yards
Includes: Manning River; Cobark Lookout
Includes: Dalys Clearing
Includes: Bodalla Forest Rest Area; Kianga Rainforest Walk; Wagonga Scenic Drive
Includes: Bondi Forest Lodge
Includes: Basket Swamp visitor area; Basket Swamp Falls
Includes: Campbells Island
Includes: Allyn River Forest Rest Area; Peach Tree; White Rock; Old Camp; Mount Allyn; Ladies Well; Dobbie Rim; Pademelon; Allyn River Rainforest Walking Track
Includes: Telegherry Forest Park; Frying Pan Creek; Currawong Camping Area; Coachwood Camping Area
Includes: Coopernook Forest HQ
Includes: Campbells River
Includes: Edrom Lodge; Scrubby Creek Rest Area
Includes: Braemar roadside rest area
Includes: Crooked Creek Picnic area
Includes: Millionth Acre
Includes: Heaton Forest Park; Heaton Lookout; Hunter Lookout; Mcleans Lookout; Watagan Headquaters
Includes: Longworth's Tramline; Swans Crossing
Includes: Koondrook State Forest
Includes: Cobrabald - Wild Bull; Pappinbarra Field Studies Centre; Cobrabald - The Bluff
Includes: Nalbaugh Falls
Includes: Abbotts Falls; Casuarina; Rock Lily; The Basin; The Pines Camping Area; The Pines Walking Trail; The Pines Picnic Area; Turpentine; Old Mill Picnic Area; Olney Headquarters
Includes: Kingsbury VC Rest Area
Includes: Perricoota
Includes: Moonan Brook Forestry Cottage; Moonan Outlook; The Firs Picnic Area
Includes: Wattle Flat Picnic Area; Wattle Flat Camping Area
Includes: Mary's Park; Sunny Corner Arboretum
Includes: Fern Gully Walking Trail; Hopkin's Pond; Lowden Forest Park; Tallaganda Forest Drive
Includes: Urbenville Forest Park
Includes: Macquarie Woods
Includes: Black Springs
Includes: Mobong Creek
Includes: HQ Camp
Includes: Yadboro Flat
Includes: Newton's Crossing; Allan Brook