Closures and notices

From time to time forests, or sections of forests, need to be closed to the public for a variety of reasons including fire and flood, maintenance, events or forest operations.

A list of closures, bookings and notifications have been provided here to assist potential forests visitors. This list relates to forests with recreation areas only and does not cover forests or parts of forests closed for other operational reasons like harvesting.

Please note: Forest conditions can change rapidly and closures may occur suddenly. Information cannot always be immediately reflected on our website. Always pay attention to signs in the forest or instructions from staff.

Watagan Creek Road closed
When: 15th Jun 2016 5:31pm - 15th Jun 2021 5:31pm  

Bungawalbin State Forest Closed
When: 11th Dec 2017 - 30th Jun 2018 until further notice

Gibberagee State Forest Closed
When: 21st Oct 2016 until further notice

Gladstone State Forest partially closed
When: 22nd Dec 2017 6:00am - 21st Apr 2018 6:00pm  

Wingello State Forest event notice
When: 27th Oct 2018  
Affects: Wingello State Forest

Olney State Forest Maximum Adventure Race (foot and cycle event)
When: 20th Oct 2018  
Affects: Olney State Forest

Tarkeeth State Forest partially closed
When: 28th Jul 2018 - 2nd Nov 2018  
Affects: Tarkeeth-Forest-Closure-Map-August-2018.pdf

Pennsylvania State Forest - increased truck activity Colo and Hobby’s Yard roads to Blayney
When: 1st Nov 2018 - 1st May 2019  

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