Our operations

We replant and regenerate more than 40 million seedlings a year to supply sustainable timber for today and for the future. We also manage a range of activities in State forests from commercial, recreation and ecotourism businesses to community events.

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Fire management

We are one of NSW's four statutory firefighting authorities and are responsible for fire hazard reduction and fire suppression as part of the State's coordinated firefighting response.

Our role in fire management


We work with a range of contractors throughout the State to supply wood products under long-term agreements, replant millions of trees each year and run a sustainable forestry business.

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Harvest planning

Our operations are completely transparent. We carry out extensive planning to create detailed harvest plans for each operation. All our native forest harvest plans are available online.

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million tonnes of
timber produced


million seedlings
planted a year


million trees
re-grown each year


contractors engaged
in forest operations


Current operations

Timber is a renewable resource and State forests are managed sustainably. Around half the State forest estate is permanently set aside for conservation and the other half continually produces and regrows renewable timber. Before we harvest a single tree, we carry out detailed planning to ensure forest features are protected for today and that the entire area will regrow into a thriving forest for the future. We have highly trained ecologists, soil and water specialists and foresters who spend several months completing environmental surveys and putting together detailed harvest plans that align with the strict forestry regulations.

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Tree health

Planning and regulation

We carefully plan all our operations in line with strict regulations and we're certified to the Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management. This gives the community and our customers assurance the timber we produce is sustainable and from well-managed forests.

Our Forest Management Plans detail our approach to sustainable forest management, outline our legal and regulatory framework and demonstrate our commitment to maintaining our certification.

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Fire management

Fire management

We are one of NSW's four firefighting authorities. We are responsible for firefighting and prevention in two million hectares of State forests and play a role in fighting wildfires in and around forests and neighbouring communities as part of the State's coordinated firefighting effort. We invest in hazard reduction burning, road and trail maintenance, a network of fire towers and firefighting equipment and engage around 100 seasonal firefighters each year to support our firefighting efforts.

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Neighbours and partnerships

There are great advantages to living near a State forest and we have ongoing relationships and dialogue with many of our forest neighbours.

We also employ an Aboriginal Partnerships Liaison Team to work with Aboriginal communities throughout NSW. Our team strives to conserve the qualities and attributes of places that have spiritual, historic, scientific or social value. Find out more about some of the partnerships we've developed.

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