Facilities on State forests

State forests provide many established camping areas. Some contain space for a number of tents or caravans, fireplaces and toilet facilities. Many State forests have picnic sites with facilities such as tables and BBQs. Please use established fireplaces wherever possible.


All State forests are free to camp in.

Restrictions on camp sites

Camping sites cannot be pre-booked or reserved.

Camping in State Forests is generally limited to a maximum of four weeks. Visitors should be aware of and adhere to any signage at camping sites which may define shorter periods of stay and must comply with all directions given by authorised officers during their stay.

Campfires and firewood

In most areas, firewood is not provided, so you are advised to bring your own, or a gas BBQ. Be aware of fire regulations, especially Total Fire Bans and promptly report all bushfires to the emergency services by dialing triple zero (000).

Solid Fuel Fire Bans apply in many State forests over summer, banning campfires and barbecues using wood, charcoal or other solid fuel. Campers are asked to bring gas appliances and prepare for days when total fire bans are declared. When planning your trip, look at our current closures and notices,  or contact your local Forestry Corporation office for more information.

Before you visit

  • Take a look at important information when visiting state forests for tips on safety and sustainable recreation.
  • If you are planning on having a fire, check that there isn't a total fire ban in the area you are visiting.
  • Contact us for up-to-date information on the area you are visiting.

Where can I go camping?

Camping is permitted in all State forests (except for Cumberland and Strickland State forests). Camping is generally not permitted in picnic areas. Exceptions are rest areas in places where major highways pass through State forests.

Page last updated/reviewed:23 May 2019