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Displaying closures and notices for Greater Sydney, Southern Highlands and Central Tablelands State forests

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  1. Wingello State Forest: Large Event

    When: 31 Aug 2024

  2. Wingello State Forest: Partially closed

    When: 26 Jul 2024 - 28 Jul 2024

  3. Wingello State Forest: Large Event

    When: 19 Jul 2024 - 21 Jul 2024

  4. Pennsylvania State Forest: Rocky Bridge Crossing Closed

    When: 12 Jul 2024 until further notice

  5. Glenwood State Forest: Trail of Awesomeness now open

    When: 20 May 2024

  6. Hazard Reduction Burning Advice

    When: 1 Apr 2024 until further notice

  7. Vulcan State Forest: Blue Hill quarry area closed to fossicking

    When: 21 Mar 2024 until further notice

  8. Replanting operations near Macquarie Woods

    When: 1 Dec 2023 - 30 Dec 2024  
    Affects: Vittoria State Forest

  9. Glenwood State Forest: Galinbundinya Mountain Bike trail closed on weekdays

    When: 3 Jul 2023 until further notice

  10. Canobolas State Forest: Use of forest roads due to Four Mile Creek Road closure

    When: 19 Oct 2022 until further notice

  11. Penrose State Forest closed - Limited camping only off Paddys River Road

    When: 2 Aug 2022 until further notice

  12. Belanglo State Forest is closed, Dalys Campground remains open

    When: 7 Apr 2022 until further notice
    Affects: Belanglo State Forest,-dalys-campground-remains-open

  13. Sunny Corner State Forest: Mary’s Park closed for restoration

    When: 11 Jan 2022 until further notice
    Affects: Sunny Corner State Forest