Timber is one of the most sustainable building materials available and is known as the ultimate renewable. The forests that produced the timber floors, fences and frames that you find in most homes are continuing to regrow and produce more timber products every day. Forestry Corporation does not sell direct to the public, but supplies logs to domestic timber manufacturers to process into a wide range of essential timber and wood products. More about timber sales.

Taking into account the energy required to transform raw materials into building products and the fact timber stores carbon for the whole of the product's life, timber has a much smaller carbon footprint than other popular building materials. However, it is important to ensure the timber you buy is from a well-managed sustainable source.

When purchasing wood products, look for certified sustainable timber, like timber from NSW State forests, so you know the forest it has been sourced from is managed responsibly in line with strict environmental standards. You can find a timber supplier at Wood Solutions