Working together to improve local rainforests – Bucca Creek rehabilitation

On-ground work is happening this week along Bucca Bucca creek in Orara East state forest to better connect habitat areas and protect threatened ecological rainforest communities.

Forestry Corporation of NSW is working with Envite Environment, Coffs Harbour and District Local Aboriginal Land Council, Darrunda Wajaarr Rangers and Conservation Volunteers Australia to remove invasive weeds, plant native trees and generally improve the health of the creek area.

“The work this week will see around 400 trees planted along the creek line,” said Envite Environment Manager, Justin Couper.

Forest Corporation has identified these areas for protection from any future harvesting activities.

The areas protect Bruxner Park Flora Reserve adjacent to Central Bucca Road, protect a wildlife corridor adjacent to Bucca Creek and protect Lowland Rainforest and a suite of threatened species.

“The project will improve landscape connectivity and enhance habitat for slender marsdenia, rusty plum, stinky lily, giant barred frog, wompoo fruit-dove and yellow-bellied glider,” Mr Couper said.

Coffs Harbour and District Local Aboriginal Land Council Darrunda Wajaarr team have been targeting Lantana in the project areas using a combination of splatter gun techniques and backpack spraying. Removing the lantana has triggered the natural resilience of the site by enhancing the recruitment of pioneer and other native species.

The vine weed blue morning glory and was targeted as a high priority in an area within close proximity to Lowland Rainforest. Infestations of small leaf privet and camphor laurel located in riparian zones were also controlled.

The project is nearing the completion of its third year and is funded for six years through the NSW Environmental Trust Bush Connect programme, with support from Forestry Corporation.

The project is a tangible example of Forest Corporation’s approach to conservation and sustainable timber production, said Forestry Corporation Partnerships Co-ordinator, Jodee Sparrow.
“This means building habitat, protecting our native wildlife and harvesting timber in a sustainable way,” Ms Sparrow said.

”One of the great parts of this project is that it links to Bruxner Flora Reserve, ensuring the natural values of the area are protected.”

“Across NSW we have projects like the Bucca Bucca creek happening, as well as a range of conservation work like pest and weed management, corridor plantings and cool burning."

Media contact: Rod Campbell 0428058549