Reflections of a forestry career – Tumut’s Bob Germantse retires after 35 years

Forestry Corporation of NSW’s Bob Germantse is retiring as Snowy Region Manager following a 35-year career dedicated to the forestry industry.

Mr Germanste is based in Tumut and said his career reflects the opportunities that the forestry industry can offer.

“Looking back, I’m grateful to those who have invested their time into developing me, for the people I’ve met and for the relationships I’ll take away,” Mr Germantse observes.

“I’ve also enjoyed seeing others join the industry and build their experiences and careers. Some joined for a short-term summer job, and then ended up pursuing a career in some aspect of forestry.

“Forestry is a unique profession and can offer a rewarding career and the chance to work in many parts of the country or the world.”

Over Mr Germantse’s career, he has seen the forestry industry develop into a well-functioning and vibrant industry.

“The flow and integration between plantation establishment, harvesting, processing and end-use has evolved into a finely tuned system,” Mr Germantse said.

“Forestry is a very important part of rural NSW in towns like Bombala, Tumbarumba and Tumut and I’m grateful to be able to play a part in that.

“It’s an industry that is looking to the future and one that I believe is advanced in terms of both technology and environmental protection.

“Forest products are grown in a sophisticated and sustainable environment to give a renewable alternative. Our plantation and native forest estates are cared for, so they can to regrow again and again well into the future.”

Mr Germanste is quick to recommend a forestry career to those considering their options.

“My advice is to get in touch with someone you know in the forestry industry and start asking questions,” Mr Germantse recommends.

“If you don’t know anyone, call your local office and ask to have a chat. The main thing is to make contact and get a feel for what opportunities might exist for you.”

Forestry Corporation is the largest manager of commercial native and plantation forest in NSW. The organisation manages recreation, environment sustainability and renewable timber production across over two million hectares of NSW State forests.

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