Grafton and Walcha forestry staff polish skills for planting period

Grafton and Walcha Forestry Corporation of NSW staff have been busy updating their planting assessment skills in preparation for onboarding of the seasonal planting workforce.

The 2019 planting season will see more than nine million seedlings planted between May and September. Correct planting is an essential step in the plantation life-cycle.

The training was all about setting a consistent, clear and concise interpretation of the planting standard, said Forestry Corporation’s Plantation Improvement Manager, Phil Green.

“Having a correct and shared understanding of the planting standard required of contractors is pivotal to getting the right result upfront when the tiny seedlings are planted,” Mr Green said.

“Correct planting sets them on the right course to grow into the range of forest products harvested over the following 30-plus year lifespan of the plantation.

“The seedlings we plant today will grow into the trees that are going to build the new houses, home extensions and backyard fences 35 years from now so this is one of the most important times in our plantation cycle.”

Forestry Corporation’s Softwood Plantations Division manages Australia’s largest softwood plantation estate, responsible for more than 230,000 hectares of pine plantations across NSW.

Combined, these plantations produce enough timber to construct a quarter of the homes built in Australia each year.

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