Forestry Corporation tallying traffic to understand access

Forestry Corporation of NSW has installed traffic counters at a number of locations across the Newnes State forest to better understand how people are using the area.

This information will help the organisation manage Newnes State Forest for the variety of visitors that use the forest, as well as its environmental, cultural and production values, said Forestry Corporation Community Programs Coordinator, Nikki Bennetts.

“Newnes State Forest is a great example of how State forests provide a range of values to the community, whether they be recreational, cultural, environmental or production,” Ms Bennetts said.

“There are a wide range of visitors and activities happening in the area, so this data will help us understand how people use the forest and what areas they access.

“We can then invest resources like signs and road maintenance in the high use areas and better manage future forestry operations.”

Visitors to NSW State forests this Easter break are reminded to be safe and respectful of others and the environment so that everyone can enjoy their experience.

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