Solid Fuel Fire Bans

During periods of high fire danger, campfires and barbecues using wood, charcoal or other solid fuel are banned in many State forests.

During Solid Fuel Fire Bans gas appliances are permitted, except on days when total fire bans are declared.

When a Solid Fuel Fire Ban is in place, signs will be generally be placed on major roads leading into the State forests affected by the restrictions. You can also find out about current bans by visiting our closures and notices page. Please note that forest conditions can change rapidly and information cannot always be immediately reflected on our website. Always pay attention to signs in the forest or instructions from staff.

Visitors should also check the Rural Fire Service website for information about total fire bans.

Please pay attention to signs in the forest, as failure to comply with Solid Fuel Fire Ban restrictions carries a maximum penalty of $2200.

Page last updated/reviewed:18 Jan 2017