Forest Management


Forestry Corporation manages some of the most diverse forests in Australia.  Ranging from the rainforest in the north-east to the alpine forests near Mt Kosciusko to the mallee woodlands on the western plains. 

State forests cover over 2.2 million hectares of native and plantation forests.

Sustainable forest management is the key to managing forests for the long term.

Sustainable forest management is about finding a balance between all the different ways people use forests while maintaining the unique forest features the community values like biodiversity, clean air and water, habitat and cultural heritage. It is the key to managing forests for the long term.

Our Forests

State forests provide timber, employment, habitat, clean air, water and protection of important forest features like cultural heritage.

Sustainable forest management

This is management of the forest so that they meet the current and future needs of the community and of those in the future. 


Forestry Corporation operates under the Forestry Act 2012. Our activities are conducted under a range of statutory licences and codes of practice.

Harvest plans

Harvest plans produce clear instructions about how to carry out the harvesting and roading activities to produce forest products and minimise the impact on important environmental and heritage values of the forest.


Forestry Corporation is committed to reporting its performance internally and at state, national and international levels.

Page last updated/reviewed:16 May 2014