Forest Management


Sustainable forest management is about finding a balance between all the different ways people use forests while maintaining the unique forest features the community values like biodiversity, clean air and water, habitat and cultural heritage. It is the key to managing forests for the long term.

Forestry Corporation manages around two million hectares of native forests for sustainable timber production, recreation and biodiversity.  Most of the native State forests we manage are regrowth forests, which means the trees we see today have grown to replace trees previously removed for timber. Only a tiny percentage of State forest land is harvested each year to ensure a sustainable supply of timber into the future and many areas have been harvested and regrown several times over the generations.

Forestry Corporation also manages around 200,000 hectares of softwood plantations, producing enough timber to construct a quarter of all the houses built in Australia each year, as well as 35,000 hectares of eucalypt plantations.

Plantation forests are generally established on former plantations or farmland and are specifically planted and cultivated to be harvested for timber production. Growing a timber plantation is like growing any other agricultural crop, but one that takes many, many years to mature.

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