Our complaints process

Forestry Corporation of NSW provides a process for dealing with formal stakeholder complaints in line with our Stakeholder Engagement Policy, ensuring their resolution is documented and these resolutions inform risk management and improvement processes within Forestry Corporation.

Raising issues and concerns

Forestry Corporation welcomes comments and enquiries from stakeholders. Concerns will be resolved at the first point wherever possible or referred for further investigation when appropriate.

The information you provide to us will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Public interest disclosures

Forestry Corporation is committed to maintaining and enhancing its credibility and reputation as an ethical organisation. A key strategy in pursuing this aim is to provide appropriate mechanisms through which concerns and complaints can be brought to notice and investigated.

The Public Interest Disclosures Policy and procedures set out how permanent, temporary and casual employees, contractors, volunteers and members of the Board can make public interest disclosures made under the Public Interest Disclosures Act.

Read our Public Interest Disclosures Policy. PDF, 265.1 KB

How to contact us

  • By telephone - call 1300 655 687 or 02 9872 0111 or 1800 LOG HAUL (1800 564 4825) during normal business hours
  • By mail - in writing to Forestry Corporation, PO Box 100, Beecroft NSW 2119
  • By email to

Formal complaints

A formal complaint is a written expression of dissatisfaction made to Forestry Corporation about a direct impact on the complainant arising from Forestry Corporation's business and land management operations or any associated administrative matter or the conduct of staff undertaking these tasks.

Formal complaints will be acknowledged in writing. The complainant will be provided with an indication of the process for investigating and seeking to resolve the complaint.

You will be notified of the outcome of the complaint within 30 working days from the complaint being received wherever possible. Where a longer timeframe is needed to resolve a complaint, you will be informed of the likely timeframe and updated as the resolution progresses. If appropriate, we will detail the outcome of the complaint in writing including a summary of the investigation process, the rationale for the finding and any follow-up action to be undertaken.

What if you are still not happy with our response?

We aim to resolve formal complaints directly with stakeholders.  If stakeholders are not completely satisfied with the outcome, they may ask the corporation to review its decision. If they are still not satisfied with our response, they may refer the matter to the NSW Ombudsman.

NSW Ombudsman

Forestry Corporation is a public authority covered by the NSW Ombudsman scheme.

The NSW Ombudsman is an independent integrity agency that pursues fairness for the people of NSW. It strives to ensure that those entrusted with public power and resources fulfil their responsibilities and treat everyone fairly.

For information about the NSW Ombudsman, including when and how you can make a complaint, visit:

Ombudsman logo

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