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The 'Wild forest adventure' is also available in a print version. Join our characters Serge and Kim in an interactive comic book adventure exploring the amazing worlds of woodwork, ferals and poo. Use the book as a journey companion, record and guide. Challenge your knowledge of forests and forestry in NSW with puzzles, plays, word games, craft, and fun with numbers.

Let's start!

Hey look - some signposts! Which way will we go?

Mountain bikes, watersports and more, this wild party adventure has it all. Set in state forests where the fun is free, Serge, Kim and Scribbly host the best surprise party you will ever see.Parties RSVP soon




All about biosolids - making biosolids, using biosolids, and 'biosolids and you'.

Poo and biosolids

   Quick trip 



Find out about the status, numbers, distribution, original purpose, capabilities, associated problems, and the control of feral animals.

Feral animals 

Learn about how trees are selected for timber, the types of timber, and harvesting.


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