Timber and sustainability

Timber is one of the most sustainable building materials available. The forests that produced the timber floors, fences and frames that you find in most homes are continuing to regrow and produce more timber products every day.

Taking into account the energy required to transform raw materials into building products and the fact timber stores carbon for the whole of the product's life, timber has a much smaller carbon footprint than other popular building materials.

Why we need timber

Much like the trees that produce it, the demand for timber continues to grow.

Timber is one of the most renewable resources available and NSW State forests are certified sustainable, so you know they are managed responsibly in line with strict environmental standards.

Why we need timber

Forestry Corporation is the largest manager of commercial native and plantation forests in NSW, producing timber for a range of purposes. The timber produced from Forestry Corporation pine plantations alone is enough to construct a quarter of the homes built in Australia each year.

From 2016, the National Construction Code allows developments up to eight stories, or 25 metres, to be built out of timber, which will lead to more sustainable developments.

Meeting Australia's timber needs

When purchasing wood products, look for certified sustainable timber, like timber from NSW State forests, so you know the forest it has been sourced from is managed responsibly in line with strict environmental standards.

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