The long-term success of our business is based on the ability of the forests we manage to provide and continue providing a range of services and products sustainably over the long term. Our sustainability framework sets out our priorities in terms of environmental, community, staff and business sustainability.

Our Annual Report details our financial performance and our sustainability snapshot, designed to be read in conjunction with that report, provides an overview of how we are tracking against the four elements of our sustainability framework. The sustainability snapshot also reports on relevant commitments under the Montreal Process, the Forest Agreements and Integrated Forestry Operations Approvals, National Greenhouse Energy Reporting Act and proposed fire management inter-agency indicators.

Sustainability framework elements

Forestry Corporation uses an independently audited Forest Management System (FMS) to direct and control our activities.


The Forest Management Policy commits Forestry Corporation to conserve and advance a range of forest values such as biodiversity, forest productivity and the ability of forests to act as carbon sinks, in keeping with the principles of ecologically sustainable forest management. The policy is delivered through the Forest Management System. We achieve ecologically sustainable forest management by:

  • managing forests for the benefit of current and future generations
  • ensuring that our management complements forest management on other tenures
  • working with others to assist development of a sustainable forest industry.

Independent forest management certification

Forestry Corporation's Forest Management System (FMS) is independently certified to the Australian Forestry Standard 2013 (AS4708:2013) and AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004. This dual certification provides objective assurance to our customers and stakeholders. Certification to the Australian Forestry Standard allows identification of the timber at the time of purchase, guaranteeing that the timber has been grown and harvested legally from a sustainable forest.

Forest Management System

Our FMS is the framework of policies, processes and procedures that we use to ensure we undertake the forest activities required to achieve sustainable forest management. The FMS encapsulates a system of monitoring, audit and management review that allows for continuous improvement and adaptive management. The FMS ensures we have:

  • appropriate operational controls to ensure we conduct activities in a way that minimises the impacts
  • a process to capture and resolve things if they go wrong, or if improvements are suggested
  • monitoring and auditing of what we do and how we do it; and
  • strong management performance reviews.

Legal and other requirements

Forestry Corporation has a systematic approach to complying with legal and other requirements through the Legislative and Other Changes Procedure. It determines how legislative and regulatory changes are identified, analysed, and then communicated to staff and contractors.


Forestry Corporation's Forest Management Plans provide the scope and strategic management objectives for our forests. They describe the forest estate and values to be managed, provide the rationale for harvesting rates, describe and provide the rationale for silvicultural regimes, and refer to relevant operating conditions and controls for specified activities. These plans are periodically reviewed with stakeholder input.

Activities that may have significant risks are carried out under controlled conditions to minimise impacts, these are harvesting; weed and pest control; plantation establishment; prescribed use of fire; and road construction.

Site based operational plans for these activities act as a blueprint guiding staff and contractors.

In balancing society's needs for products and services, such as timber and recreational opportunities, with the needs of forest ecosystems we continue to manage one of the most sustainable resources in the world. Our commitment to providing these products and services is expressed through our Forest Management Policy and delivered through the Forest Management System.