Forest fauna and flora

Forests are dynamic and diverse and are home to a vast variety of flora and fauna. Different plant and animal species thrive in different environments and conditions.

For example, many eucalypts need light and space to grow, and while some animals like the Hastings river mouse are found more frequently in areas where there has recently been a fire or other disturbance, other animals don't respond well to disturbance.

Ecological surveys

We are passionate about the forest environment and before we harvest a single tree, professional ecologists survey the wildlife, birdlife and vegetation in the area to identify threatened species and ensure the forest retains the conditions they need to thrive, as the video below explains.

Our harvest plans

These surveys are used to prepare detailed harvest plans that outline how operations will be carried out with environmental sensitivity. The plans ensure we protect soil and water, fauna and flora, cultural heritage and special environmental features over the short and long term and across the landscape.

We contribute to and draw on new research to ensure we have the most accurate, detailed information about the forest environment, monitor forest features like water quality and carry out special projects to monitor and promote forest ecology.

Case studies