Our sustainable forest management certification

Forestry Corporation's management of State forests is certified to Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management under the Responsible Wood Certification System.

This standard has been recognised through the international Programme for Endorsement of Certification Scheme (PEFC), which guarantees that timber has been grown and harvested from a sustainable forest. Worldwide certification programs aim to prevent unregulated or illegally logged forest timber entering international markets. Buying certified local timber not only helps to reduce the market for timber from unregulated forests, but it also reduces emissions from importing timber. The certification status of any certified forestry business can be viewed in the certification register on the Responsible Wood website.

The Responsible Wood Certification System sets criteria that our forestry management must meet, including:

  • forestry activities undertaken in a systematic manner that addresses a range of forest values
  • provide for public participation and foster productive community relationships, particularly with neighbours
  • protect and maintain the biological diversity of forests, including their successional stages across the regional landscape
  • maintain the productive capacity of forests
  • maintain forest ecosystem health and vitality
  • protect soil and water resources
  • maintain forests’ contribution to the carbon cycle
  • protect and maintain the natural, cultural, social, religious and spiritual heritage values of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people
  • maintain and enhance long-term social and economic benefits.

Our Forest Management System sets the framework for achieving and continually improving our environmental performance by systematically measuring and monitoring performance. In addition to certification to the Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management, this framework is certified to ISO 14001.

Audit summaries

Forestry Corporation undergoes regular external audits to ensure it maintains compliance with these standards. Summaries of external audit reports provided by certification bodies are available below.

Certification numbers

DivisionAS 4708:2013ISO 14001:2015
Hardwood Forests DivisionAFS 604224EMS 604225
Softwood Plantations Division AFS 604602EMS 604598

Forestry Corporation Defined Forest Area map

More than 98 per cent of timber supplied by Forestry Corporation of NSW is certified to the Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management. Customers or auditors can check the certification of timber purchased from Forestry Corporation by reviewing the forest number provided in sales and folio reports, which identifies the forest from which the logs originated.

The forest name can be cross-referenced with the Defined Forest Area map, which identifies the forests certified to the Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management as well as which Forest Management Unit they belong to. Visit our estate to find out more about the Defined Forest Area managed by each operational division, by FMZ, by forest and more.

The Defined Forest Area is updated each year and provides the information needed for timber buyers with Chain of Custody (COC) Certification to the AFS or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). For more information, contact ems@fcnsw.com.au

Further information

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