About the project

The Koondrook-Perricoota Flood Enhancement Works are an environmental watering scheme constructed to mimic natural flooding events in these River Red Gum forests, which are part of the Murray Darling system.

The project saw four years of construction, planning and community consultation before the first flooding event. It is now an asset that will continue to contribute to the health of the forests and the diversity of wildlife, birdlife and aquatic life they support.

Spoonbills and Ibis

Flooding the forest

During the first flooding event in the late winter-spring of 2014, 26 billion litres of water inundated an estimated 4,500 hectares of priority wetlands, creeks, bird and fish breeding sites and forested areas.

This environmental watering event was designed to replenish the forest's extensive network of creeks and semi-permanent wetlands, restoring wetland habitats and providing critical water for native fish populations that rely on deep pools within the forest.

Flood-dependent understorey and wetland plants took advantage of the flows, native fish, macro invertebrates and tadpoles responded well to the nutrient-rich water and a diversity of birdlife was recorded in the forest following the flooding.

Our forest ecologists continue to monitor the health of the forest and improve the environmental outcomes during future flooding events.

Read more about the 2019 flooding event.

Lace MonitorWhite faced heronFlooding in the Pollack

More information

View the project approval documents.

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Koondrook-Perricoota flooding