Right to information

Accessing NSW Government information

The Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act) creates rights to information and is designed to:

  • meet community expectations of open and transparent government
  • encourage government agencies to proactively release government information.

You can find out more about your right to information and new ways to access NSW Government information on the Information and Privacy Commission NSW website.

Agency information guide

Find out what type of information Forestry Corporation holds which could be applied for under the GIPA Act.

Accessing information

There are four ways in which Forestry Corporation makes information available under the GIPA Act.

Mandatory disclosure

Forestry Corporation is required to publish open access information on our website, free of charge. This information includes:

Disclosure log 2017

ReferenceInformation Released Date of decisionAvailability
GIPA2017-05 Information related to noise complaint for Treetop Adventure Park in Cumberland State Forest. 24/05/2017 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2017-03 Maps showing retained hollow bearing and recruitment trees within Styx River State Forest compartments 523, 524, 525, 526 and 527.  31/05/2017 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2017-02 Correspondence and records in relation to certain fish species and aquatic habitat assessment reports for certain State forest compartments. 20/06/2017 By contacting Forestry Corporation

The monthly volumes of hardwood sawlogs supplied from Crown-timber lands within South Coast State forest. The average royalty, harvest cost and haulage cost for the associated sawlogs.

03/04/2017 By contacting Forestry Corporation

Disclosure log 2016

Reference Information Released Date of decisionAvailability

The annual volumes of hardwood and Alpine Ash woods supplied as part of each Wood Supply Agreement, from Crown-timber lands within Eden, South Coast and Tumut regions from 2014 – 2016.

20/01/2017 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2016-13 Correspondence since April 2015 between the Department of Industry and companies that have not yet paid rent associated with the use of State forests on which telecommunications towers are located. 27/01/2017 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2016-12 Annual volumes of North Coast hardwood logs supplied since 2009, on-sold volumes and plantation supply volumes. 22/12/2016 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2016-10 Papers relating to any assistance sought, offered or provided to the owners of the Eden woodchip mill, Allied Natural Wood Exports.Costs and volumes of logs sought from areas now declared as flora reserves and the delivery costs from Murrah Flora Reserves. 13/12/2016 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2016-07 Boral WSA with State forests signed March 1999. 27/09/2016 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2016-06 Policy related correspondence between Forestry Corporation and the EPA from 2007 regarding Single Tree Selection (STS), the IFOA definition, silvicultural prescriptions and logging intensity. 20/09/2016 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2016-05 The current upper north east forestry region schedule of operations in digital format. 18/07/2016 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2016-5A Deeds of variation of amendments affecting the Wood Supply Agreement in the South Coast between Forestry Corporation and Co Limited (Boral Timber Division) and the State of NSW. 16/09/2016 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2016-04 Copies of Deeds of Assignment, Deeds of Variation and amendments affecting the Supply Agreement for pulpwood in Eden and South Coast Sub Region with Harris-Diashowa Pty Ltd and the State of NSW. 16/09/2016 By contacting Forestry Corporation

Disclosure log 2015

Reference Information Released Date of decisionAvailability

Information regarding wombats and harvesting in Glenbog State Forest

08/01/2015 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2014-12 Communication between Forestry Corporation and the Environment Protection Authority regarding cable logging 16/01/2015 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2015-02 Permits issued to Wild Horizons for Penrose for sporting events from 2005-14 06/03/2015 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2015-03 Annual timber volumes for north coast 21/02/2015 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2015-04 Compensation Agreement between Forestry Corporation, Ashton Coal 2, ICRA MC and J-Power Australia 9/03/2015 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2015-05 No records found for removal of volume products in Styx River State Forest as harvesting did not take place 9/03/2015 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2015-06 Information on aerial harvesting spray, contractors involved and costs 16/06/2015 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2015-07 Types, quantity, costs of chemicals used for crops for weed management 22/06/2015 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2015-08 Telecommunication infrastructure permit in State Forests 14/08/2015 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2015-09 Records of 2015 North Coast timber volumes 7/10/2015 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2015-11 Records of Final Owl Landscape exclusions, area calculations and amendments for Planning units in North East Region 10/11/2015 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2015-12 Review of environmental factors for recreation and tourist permits 9/11/2015 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2015-13 CSO expenditure from FY13 to FY16 10/11/2015 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2015-14 Correspondence between Forestry Corporation and the NSW Department of Industry about Question on Notice, regarding CSO 20/11/2015 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2015-15 Records detailing BMAD aerial survey and Woodenbong trial results 1/12/2015 By contacting Forestry Corporation

Disclosure log 2014

Reference Information released Date of decisionAvailability
GIPA2014-01 Access agreements with Whitehaven Coal in Leard State Forest 17/02/2014 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2014-03 Information related to the closure of Leard State Forest 05/03/2014 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2014-04 Information related to the closure of Leard and Jacks Creek State Forest 04/04/2014 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2014-05 Information related to the transfer of parts of Ben Bullen SF to Gardens of Stone National Park in 1993-94 28/04/2014 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2014-06 Information related to closure of Leard and Pilliga State forests 26/06/2014 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2014-08 Information regarding harvesting in Styx River State Forest since 2010 06/07/2014 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2014-09 Volumes of various categories of hardwood logs supplied under agreements from FY10-FY14 15/08/2014 By contacting Forestry Corporation
GIPA2014-10 Records of logging activities and commercial timber assessments for Leard State Forest 07/10/2014 By contacting Forestry Corporation

Disclosure log 2013

Reference Information released Date of decisionAvailability
2013F-5 Correspondence between Forestry Corporation of NSW and Minister for Primary Industries re re-declaration of hunting areas  2/05/2013 By contacting Forestry Corporation
2013F-10 Southern Region harvesting maps 2003-2013 02/07/2013 By contacting Forestry Corporation
2013F-15  Information relating to hunting in State forests and the risk assessment undertaken 12/12/2013 By contacting Forestry Corporation

Proactive release

Forestry Corporation will proactively release as much information as possible. Sometimes this may not be possible where the information concerns another party's affairs or there is an overriding public interest against public disclosure of the information.

Informal release

You can also ask for specific information (including your personal information) on an informal basis. Consider this option if no third party personal information is involved.

Formal release

This is a last resort. You should first see what information is publicly available or will be made available. However, there may be public interest reasons why the information may not be released informally, or a third party may need to be consulted, in which case a formal application should be made.

GIPA applications can be downloaded here. Questions about making a GIPA application or other enquiries about GIPA can be made at GIPA@fcnsw.com.au.

For more information on how to access information, please see the Access information held by FCNSW.

Appendix 1

Information not publicly available

The Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 requires all agencies to make available, free of charge on their websites, their open access information.

However, there is an overriding obligation under the Act not to publish any specific 'open access information' if there is an overriding public interest against disclosure of that particular information.

Whenever it is decided that particular 'open access information' should not be publicly available, a record of the decision is made and listed below.

Compliance and regulatory matters

There is considered to be an overriding public interest against disclosing policy documents concerning some compliance and regulatory guidelines, functions and activities. A redacted version may be available where sensitive information can be excluded without compromising the integrity or understanding of the document.

Sensitive information may, for example, be thresholds for escalation of sanctions from warning to infringement notice or court appearance. If this information was disclosed it may lead to multiple consecutive offences by the same offender at levels just under the designated threshold. Similarly, information on inspection planning activities may allow offenders to avoid detection.

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