Harvest plans

About harvest operations planning

Forestry Corporation is responsible for the planning and management of all harvesting and roading operations on State forests and other Crown-timber lands.

Forestry operations require compliance with a number of policies, codes and regulatory requirements. Native forest operations, particularly the Integrated Forestry Operations Approvals (IFOAs).

Harvest plans are prepared to provide clear instructions about how to carry out the harvesting and roading activities to produce forest products and minimise the impact on important environmental and heritage values of the forest.

The plans are comprised of maps, site specific information and instruction on issues like:

  • safety
  • silviculture
  • forest management zoning
  • flora, fauna and fish protection
  • cultural heritage protection
  • soil and water protection
  • road and crossing works
  • burning prescriptions
  • monitoring and recording activities.

Plans are prepared for specific compartments in State forests. Plans are valid for up to 10 years and work is scheduled depending on a number of factors including market conditions and weather.

A schedule of planned operations for the current year is available here.

Forestry Corporation native forest harvesting and roading operational plans are available on this page.  Please note that plans are subject to further minor amendments and these are often made once operations commence. If you have trouble viewing the content on this page, contact the closest Forestry Corporation office to discuss alternative formats.

Operation and harvest plans

Page last updated/reviewed:14 May 2019