Native Forest 12 month Plan of Operations

Forestry Corporation has prepared a series of maps showing planned timber harvesting activities on State forests over a 12 month period.

Current Harvest Plans for individual compartments within State forests are available on this website. These plans are posted on the website when they are approved and are valid for up to 10 years. This 12 month Plan of Operations focuses on the forest compartments where timber harvesting operations are likely to take place this financial year.

The map shows compartments within a State forest scheduled for timber harvesting.

Please note that the Plan of Operations is an indicative list of areas where harvesting is planned and is subject to change from time to time. These changes may not always be included in the maps accessible through this website.

View the Plan of Operations map here.

Note: the Plan of Operations is provided via an online map service. Once you have clicked the link above, use the content and legend buttons to display the map and associated legends.

Further information

The Plan of Operations maps show forest names and compartment numbers. The corresponding Harvest Plans can also be viewed on this website.

Forestry Corporation welcomes stakeholder input to inform our detailed operational planning.  In particular, we are keen to:

  • Identify whether stakeholders have any specific concern in relation to particular compartments
  • Ensure stakeholders have access to the Harvest Plans and answer any questions they have about these documents
  • Identify any additional issues, both on the forest and along potential log haulage routes, for consideration prior to operations commencing

Interested stakeholders can email to make contact with a forester and discuss the Plan of Operations or an individual Harvest Plan in more detail.

Page last updated/reviewed:09 Feb 2016