Consultation on draft Western Forestry Management Plan

A draft plan has been prepared for the Western Hardwood and Cypress forest areas and is available to view.

The draft plan reflects current practices at Forestry Corporation and demonstrates our commitment to balancing the community’s needs for timber and access to the forests for recreation, with the continued health of forest ecosystems and biodiversity.

It also summarises the systematic approach Forestry Corporation takes to sustainable forest management, outlines the legal and regulatory framework in which we operate, and shows our commitment to maintaining certification to the Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management (Responsible Wood).

This Forest Management Plan replaces the former Ecologically Sustainable Forest Management plans for the Western Region. The updated plan also meets the Forestry Act 2012 requirement for the preparation of Forest Management Plans.

It does not propose any substantial changes in terms of the conduct of forest activities or the impact of activities on the environment and local communities and describes Forestry Corporation’s current sustainable forest management practices.

Download the draft Western Forest Management Plan  PDF, 3141.43 KB

Submissions are now closed as per the stated deadline (COB 24 November 2018) unless prior advice given.

Page last updated/reviewed:27 Sep 2018