Volunteers pitch in to spruce up local State forests

Volunteers from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany have spent the past fortnight in local State forests removing weeds and regenerating areas, thanks to a partnership between Forestry Corporation of NSW and Conservation Volunteers Australia.

Forestry Corporation of NSW's Community Partnership Forester David Wilson said Conservation Volunteers Australia brought volunteers from around the world to the region every year.

"We're thrilled to be able to introduce volunteers from all over the world to our region and to our local State forests," Mr Wilson said.

"The volunteers from Conservation Volunteers Australia have spent the past two weeks in Tuckers Nob State Forest near Bellingen removing camphor laurel and replanting areas where lantana and other woody weeds have been removed with native species.

"The volunteers also planted Tallowwood, which is a preferred koala feed tree, along creek beds and waterways to ensure there is a connected corridor that allows koalas to roam between the forests and the neighbouring National Parks.

"The work this team from Conservation Volunteers Australia completed complements the great work the local volunteers including the Never Never Catchment Group undertake all year round to help maintain the region's forests."

Conservation Volunteers Australia's Regional Manager Leonie Winner said the volunteers included students and travellers with an interest in pitching in and seeing more of Australia.

"Volunteering is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, meet new people and learn new skills, all while making a real difference to the environment," she said.

Conservation Volunteers Australia is Australia's leading practical conservation organisation, completing more than 2000 conservation projects across Australia every year.

Since 2002, Conservation Volunteers Australia worked with Forestry Corporation of NSW, engaging volunteers from around the world to maintain more than 50 kilometres of tracks, repair over 10 kilometres of boardwalk, remove five hectares of weeds, plant countless trees, collect more than 100 kilograms of endemic seeds and remove hundreds of kilograms of rubbish.

To volunteer with Conservation Volunteers Australia visit www.conservationvolunteers.com.au or call 1800 032 501 or CVA Regional Manager Leonie Winner on  02 4961 2358.

Media contact: Elizabeth Fowler 9407 4265 / 0408 779 903