Rescued possum gives forestry firefighters a photo to remember

A dazed juvenile brushtail possum rescued by Forestry Corporation of NSW staff has given a cheeky wave of thanks after a recent fire on Perricoota State Forest.

The photo was taken by Forestry Corporation staff Jean Dind of colleague Phil Murphy relocating the possum while they were firefighting.

“The possum appeared to have been affected by smoke and fell out of its tree in front of us,” Mr Murphy said

“We checked it over and once it livened up, we moved it to a safe spot outside the containment line,” Mr Murphy said.

“It soon scurried off unharmed, and we were left with a great photo of the appreciative possum.”

The small fire was started by a campfire and was soon controlled by Forestry Corporation firefighters with initial assistance from the Rural Fire Service.

Forestry Corporation is responsible for preventing and managing fires in two million hectares of State forests across New South Wales.

Forest Corporation staff are trained as forest firefighters as well as being forestry professionals, so are well placed to prevent and manage fires affecting the NSW forest estates. The organisation also assists with large bushfires on private property, other bushland in Australia and also overseas.

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