Newnes State Forest visitors reminded to take care this Easter

Visitors to Newnes State Forest near Lithgow this Easter are reminded to take care around areas burnt in recent bushfires.

Forestry Corporation of NSW's Fire & Stewardship Supervisor Melanie Klootwijk said burnt areas could remain dangerous for several months after fire.

"Some areas of Newnes State Forest were burnt in the severe State Mine Fire last October and while several months have passed, there may still be hazards in the forest," Ms Klootwijk said.

"If you're visiting the forest over Easter, please stick to the main roads and tracks or cleared areas.

"It's not always obvious if a tree has been damaged, so while a tree may not appear blackened or charred on the outside it might have been weakened meaning it could drop a limb or even fall without warning. The safest place to be is on a main road or track or in a cleared area.

"If you are planning to collect firewood, please remember to arrange a permit online first, only collect firewood from areas marked on the online maps, pay attention to any signs in the forest and don't attempt to cut down standing trees, dead or alive.

"Visitors to Newnes State Forest should also be aware there will be up to 900 Scouts bushwalking and camping among the pines from 18-21 April, so be prepared.

"Scouts will be setting up camp in four designated campsites around Glowworm Tunnel Road and a headquarters on Camp Road.

"Other campers, picnickers and visitors will still be able to use the forest and access the Glowworm Tunnel, but there will be some areas where access is restricted. For more information to help you plan your trip, contact Forestry Corporation of NSW's regional office on 6331 2044.

"If you see or suspect any illegal activity such as unregistered vehicles, including trail bikes, drink driving or illegal hunting, please call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000."

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