Milestone for Coffs Coast State forests

Clouds Creek and Nana Creek State Forests have celebrated a century as dedicated State forests.

Forestry Corporation of NSW's Regional Manager Craig Busby said Clouds Creek and Nana Creek State Forests were dedicated in March 1914.

"The Coffs Coast has a proud tradition of sustainable timber production and forest management that has both supported local communities built on the timber trade and maintained healthy populations of native flora and fauna," Mr Busby said.

"The Clouds Creek and Nana Creek State Forests have now been successfully managed for timber production, environmental benefit and community recreation for a century.

"These thriving forests have been harvested and regenerated many times since they were dedicated and continue to provide a range of experiences for locals and visitors in conjunction with valuable wildlife habitat.

"Because they are managed sustainably, they will continue to regenerate and supply renewable timber 100 years from now."

While timber cutting licences were issued from the early days of the colony, the first forest reserves were proclaimed in 1871 to preserve the timber resources of the colony and prevent the destruction of the best species of brush and hardwood. Forest Rangers were appointed to supervise the reserves in September 1875 and after the Forestry Act 1909 passed, the first Director of Forests Richard Dalrymple Hay was appointed in 1910 and the first State forests were dedicated.

"Today we have around 500,000 hectares of State forest in the North East Region, which Forestry Corporation of NSW continues to manage for the economic, environmental and social benefit of the people of NSW."

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