Pilliga West, Merriwindi, Clive and Mount Topper State Forests open again to public

Pilliga West, Merriwindi, Clive and Mount Topper State Forests are now open to the public after sustaining heavy flooding and bushfire damage earlier in the year.

Forestry Corporation of NSW has repaired most of the damaged roads in the forests, however a number remain partially or completely closed for safety reasons.

Visitors should follow signage in the forests and remain aware of risks, said Forestry Corporation’s Northern Cypress District manager, Conan Rossler.

“We have signed all closed roads, however not all damage may have been identified so we are asking visitors to be cautious,” Mr Rossler said.

“Please be aware of damage to roads and trees when driving in these forests and monitor our website for any updates.

“Clive and Mount Topper State forests should be avoided during periods of strong winds and following heavy rainfall events, as the likelihood of burnt trees or branches coming down will be much higher.”

Forestry Corporation is also reminding the public that both Clive and Mount Topper State Forests are not open for firewood collection this year, given the elevated risk of trees falling.

For any queries contact Conan Rossler on 6843 1607.

To see all current State forest closures, please visit www.forestrycorporation.com.au/visit/closures

Media contact: Rod Campbell