Local and international volunteers lend a hand in Chichester State Forest

The hard work of Conservation Volunteers Australia and the Friends of Chichester group have paved the way in Chichester State Forest near Dungog.

The volunteers have been working together over the last two weeks to improve the Dundungra Falls walking track and remove weeds around the Frying Pan camping area.

Forestry Corporation’s Partnerships Leader Mike Hill said it was exciting to have the support of both volunteer groups working together to reinstate the Dundungra Falls walking track.

“The local Friends of Chichester volunteer group has played an integral role in getting this site recognised, so that visitors and the community can continue to access these wonderful forests” Mr Hill said.

“The teams installed about 20 new steps and benched further sections to improve the walking track surface. They’re a hands-on bunch and we’re really pleased to be working with the community to improve these visitor areas in Chichester State Forest.”

The international volunteers helping with the project have been particularly impressed with the site.

“Luka, a German backpacker who was working as part of the Conversation Volunteer Australia team, said this area was the most beautiful place he has seen in Australia,” Mr Hill said

“It was a real eyeopener for him to see superb lyrebirds, king parrots, red neck wallabies and yellow tail black cockatoos.”

“Chichester State Forest has free camping areas along the Telegherry and Frying Pan Rivers, with great swimming holes for the warmer months These walking tracks add another experience for visitors with a glimpse of what is on offer in these beautiful forest valleys.”

“Visitors to Chichester State Forest should be aware that the track is still under construction. The track has steep sections, and is graded as medium to hard. It is around a 15-minute walk to the falls and we recommend a four-wheel drive vehicle to access Wangat Trig Road,” Mr Hill said.

Forestry Corporation of NSW has partnered with Conservation Volunteers Australia for more than a decade to engage volunteers from around the world in projects in State forests.

Conservation Volunteers Australia is Australia’s leading practical conservation organisation, completing more than 2000 conservation projects across Australia every year.

To volunteer with Conservation Volunteers Australia visit  www.conservationvolunteers.com.au or call 1800 032 501 or CVA Regional Manager Steve Travers on 02 4961 2358.

To get involved with the Friends of Chichester volunteers, visit the Friends of Chichester facebook page for details.

For more information about Forestry Corporation of NSW, visit www.forestrycorporation.com.au

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