Kiwarrak Mountain Bike Park unveils new signage

Kiwarrak State Forest’s Kiwarrak Mountain Bike Park has received an upgrade with the installation of new trailhead signage. Located in the new carpark, the signage highlights the location of the impressive network of mountain bike trails and will be unveiled on Friday, March 9 at a celebration BBQ.

Local mountain bike riders have welcomed the signage, which clearly marks out the trail network managed by the Manning Great Lakes Tip Riders mountain bike club under a Forest Permit issued by Forestry Corporation of NSW.

“We have worked with the Manning Great Lakes Tip Riders for many years. Undertaking an environmental assessment was critical in approving the existing trails and in the future construction of new ones,” Forestry Corporation’s Partnerships Leader, Sandra Madeley, said.

“It means that any known sensitive areas, such as threatened forest communities or rare or threatened plants can be avoided. Existing trails in sensitive areas can be realigned and redirected to better locations.”

The notable trail network, which is only a five-minute drive from Taree’s CBD, also plays an important role in supporting the tourism economy of the region.

President of the Manning Great Lakes Tip Riders, Peter Matuszny, has seen an increase in popularity of mountain biking first hand.

"Mountain biking is a fast-growing sport with many local riders using and maintaining the trails. It’s a low impact sport that anyone can do and we find a lot people getting back on their bike that may not have ridden since a kid and enjoying the forest. The mountain bike park brings tourism dollars to the area, with thousands of visitors each year coming to ride – and we expect this to grow”, Mr Matuszny said.

While the trails in Kiwarrak Mountain Bike Park have been purpose-built for mountain biking under permit, Kiwarrak State Forest is a prime example of multiple use management in State Forests, with horse-riding, bushwalking and recreational vehicles all being popular activities occurring in the forest.  Forestry Corporation assures everyone they are welcome to visit.

“Working together with community groups can ensure everybody enjoys the forest experience and the health and beauty of State forests are preserved for generations to come,” said Ms Madeley.

“And the new trail head signage ensures that visitors can easily avail themselves of the wonderful Kiwarrak mountain bike trail network.”

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