Just a few weeks left of firewood collection in State Forests of the central west

With warmer weather around the corner, the firewood collection season in the State forests around Bathurst and Lithgow will soon be coming to a close.

Forestry Corporation of NSW’s Stewardship and Fire Manager, Dan Kirby, reminded people to arrange a permit online before collecting firewood from any State forest and to only collect fallen timber.

“You must have a permit to collect firewood from State forests, which you can arrange online for a small fee at forestrycorporation.com.au,” Mr Kirby said.

“With the weather warming up and the risk of fire in the forest increasing, we will close off firewood collection for the year shortly. Once this season finishes in a few weeks, permits will be available again in about April next year.

“Firewood is not always available from all areas due to environmental rules and operational considerations, so if you have collected firewood from a local forest in the past you will not necessarily be able to collect firewood from the same location.

“Our online permit system shows where you can collect firewood this season and when you arrange a permit you’ll receive a map indicating the collection area the permit is valid for.

“Forestry Corporation does patrol local forests and conducts surveillance to detect illegal firewood collection. For your own safety, and to avoid a hefty fine, please stick to the rules, make sure you pay attention to any warning signs and notices and don’t enter closed areas.

“If you’re collecting firewood from a State forest, please remember that you can only collect fallen timber – the permits do not allow you to cut down any standing trees, even if they are dead.

“The forest environment is constantly changing so when you are collecting firewood please be aware of hazards, especially overhead hazards.

“Particular care should be taken when collecting firewood around dead trees or on windy days. Permit holders are encouraged to wear appropriate clothing and personal protective equipment including sturdy footwear and gloves. If you are using a chainsaw in the forest, wearing head protection, chainsaw chaps / cut resistant trousers and eye / face protection is highly recommended.”

There are significant penalties for removing timber from a State forest without a permit and Forestry Corporation constantly monitors State forests using surveillance cameras and patrols.

For more information, or to arrange a firewood permit, visit www.forestrycorporation.com.au

Media contact: Rod Campbell 0428058549