Forestry students from around the globe inspect north coast operations

Students from Indonesia, Vietnam, Colombia, Tanzania and India were among 20 forestry students from Southern Cross University who got a hands-on understanding of native forest silviculture and operations during a field trip to Coffs Harbour's State forests last week.

Forestry Corporation of NSW's Harvest Team Leader Justin Black said the students inspected forest regeneration and timber harvesting in Lower Bucca and Orara East State Forests, north of Coffs Harbour.

"The State forests along the Coffs Coast have been harvested and regenerated many times and offer students a solid insight into the many aspects of forest management," Mr Black said.

"As well as boasting an array of biodiversity, these forests are open for community recreation and supply timber to local industry for everything from electricity poles and structural timber to pallets for transporting and distributing consumer goods.

"Forest management is not just about applying silvicultural systems to encourage healthy regeneration, it is about striking a balance between protecting biodiversity, producing a valued product, managing safety and engaging with community.

"NSW State forests are certified sustainable, so sharing our forest management principles with students from around the globe is also an important way to promote sustainable forestry on a larger scale."

Lina Garcia Florez, from Colombia, who is studying a Master of Forest Science and Management at Southern Cross University said  the field trip was a valuable experience.

"As international students, we are encouraged to learn and identify the techniques, knowledge, skills and tools being carried out in several fields in Australia, in order to be able replicate them when we go back to our countries and consequently to improve the activities and development initiatives there," she said.

"We were able to see firsthand that the operations and management activities of Forestry Corporation of NSW's Harvest Team follow worldwide standards for sustainability and productivity."

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