Forestry Corporation donates 600 new trees to bush regeneration project

Forestry Corporation of NSW is working with volunteers and community groups to regenerate the bush and plant 600 new trees, enhancing the health and biodiversity of Tuckers Nob State Forest.

Over the past few months, Envite bush regeneration contractors have been kept busy with a project to regenerate 17 hectares of State forest around Bellingen. The project site, which spans the area from north Bellingen adjacent to the cemetery and down to Frenchmen’s Creek, was initially cleared for agriculture and then planted with a flooded gum and blue gum plantation. Given the site is adjacent to the township and forms the backdrop to the Bellingen cemetery, Forestry Corporation re-zoned the land to be used for community-based bush regeneration projects.

Importantly, the area contains a combination of existing remnant vegetation and emerging native species regrowth.

Envite’s Field Supervisor, David Arnold, said the project group has been improving the quality of the bush in a variety of ways over the past five years.

“We’ve conducted a staged removal camphor laurels in some areas to promote the growth of native species that are established in the area,” he said.

“Camphor laurel, small leaf privet and infestations of lantana were targeted for removal.”

The North Coast Local Land Services Terrestrial Ecosystems Program has funded the rejuvenation project, which aligns with the Bellingen Shire Council Koala Plan of Management. The project site is an important wildlife corridor between Pine Creek State Forest and Tuckers Nob State Forest.

“It’s very encouraging and satisfying to see volunteers and community organisations working positively with Forestry Corporation to implement strategic on-ground actions to enhance koala habitat on forestry estate in the Bellingen Shire,” said Envite Manager, Justin Couper.

“In the next two months, we will plant 600 preferred koala feed trees that have been supplied by Forestry Corporation planted on site,” he added.

Forestry Corporation’s Partnerships Leader Holly James said that Forestry Corporation recognises the environmental value that our forests provide and the importance they hold for local communities.

“We know the community values the beauty and diversity of these forests and that is why we are actively investing in the rehabilitation of sites like this, which will provide a beautiful setting for locals and visitors alike for generations to come,” Ms James said.

A vegetation management plan has been prepared for the area by Bellingen Landcare, which will guide bush regeneration works undertaken by contractors. This plan will also assist future works undertaken by the newly formed volunteer group ‘Friends of Wonga Forest’. All works are supported by Forestry Corporation.

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