Solid Fuel Fire Ban lifted in time for Easter weekend

Campers heading to the State forests in the Riverina this Easter will be able to light campfires and barbecues using wood, charcoal or other solid fuel.

Solid Fuel Fire Bans in the Koondrook, Perricoota and Campbells Island State Forests along the Murray as well as the Gillenbah, Buckingbong, Matong and Binya State forests in the Murrumbidgee catchment and smaller cypress forests in the region will be lifted from midnight 17 April.

Forestry Corporation of NSW's district manager Andrew McCurdy thanked campers for using gas appliances to limit fire risk throughout the summer.

"We declared a Solid Fuel Fire Ban in November last year to limit the danger of fire escaping and igniting these very dry forests and we thank campers for their cooperation over summer," Mr McCurdy said.

"Now that the risk of bush fires has significantly reduced, we're pleased to advise any campers visiting the State forests in the Riverina region over Easter that they can light campfires and solid fuel fires.

"While the high fire danger period has passed, we do remind people to put safety first and never leave a campfire unattended, make sure the fire doesn't escape and extinguish your campfire completely before leaving the forest."

Mr McCurdy said Solid Fuel Fire Bans have been enforced in the region since 1990 to reduce the risk of bushfire.

"Solid Fuel Fire Bans are an important way to reduce the bushfire risk during the hot summer months and they have potentially helped save many thousands of hectares of river red gum forest and cypress forests from destructive fires since 1990," Mr McCurdy said.

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