Corunna State forest harvesting operation now complete

Harvesting is now complete in a little over half of Corunna State forest, with high quality timber products being directed to local mills.

The harvesting operation was carried out according to the harvest plan approved in September; with single tree selection used to harvest timber. Many regrowth trees have been retained for future growth and where gaps have been created, quality regeneration of the forest will occur in future years.

Close to half of Corunna State forest was not harvested at all during this operation, instead retained for a variety of wildlife habitat and protection purposes.

Harvesting is permitted in NSW State forests under the Integrated Forestry Operations Approvals which outline the strict regulations which govern timber harvesting.

The Corunna harvesting operation focused on the production of valuable timber which will predominantly be used for high quality flooring and decking in Australian homes, said Forestry Corporation’s Production and Sales Manager, Lee Blessington.

“Such high quality durable timber products are largely unavailable from Australian plantations, as these are grown mostly for essential house framing timbers and fibre,” Mr Blessington said.

“Approximately 70 per cent of the products from the Corunna operation were high quality sawlogs, 8 per cent were low quality sawlogs and the remainder residue from tree heads.”

“When we harvest timber from NSW State forests we use an integrated approach, where we aim to find a use for the whole tree. This means we are using the vast majority of the tree and minimising any waste.”

Corunna State Forest was cleared as farmland in the 1800s and regenerated to forest in the 1900s.

“It has been harvested for timber or thinned for timber quality every decade since the 1960s and is an excellent example of how sustainable forest management works,” Mr Blessington said.

“After each harvest, the forest has regenerated to a healthy ecosystem fully occupied by regrowth trees and wildlife and ready to supply timber into the future.”

NSW state forests have been managed sustainably for over 100 years to provide high quality wood products to the community.

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