Changed public access in Kiwarrak State Forest

Locals are being reminded to pay attention to road closures and warning signs while enjoying Kiwarrak State Forest.

Forestry Corporation of NSW's Regional Manager Kathy Jones said some roads and trails in the northern section of Kiwarrak State Forest had been closed for safety reasons during forestry operations.

"We encourage locals to get out and enjoy the region's State forests, but please keep in mind that there are worksites in the forest and some small areas around these sites have been closed for the community's safety," Ms Jones said.

"There is heavy machinery operating in parts of the northern end of the forest between The Bucketts Way and the Pacific Highway. Log trucks will be using Lantana Crossing, Breakneck Road, Bucketts Way and the Old Pacific Highway through Purfleet.

"While this work is going on we ask that people pay extra attention to road closures and warning signs and stay well away from restricted areas and out of harm's way.

"We put barriers and road closures in place for the safety of forest users, so please don't attempt to walk or cycle past or around them.

"There are plenty of forest trails in other parts of the forest that will remain open for bushwalking, horse riding and bike riding throughout this work, and we encourage locals to get out and explore the rest of the forest."

For more information about operations in Kiwarrak State Forest or to view more detailed plans, visit the Central Regional Office at Maher Street Wauchope or call 6585 3744.

Media contact: Elizabeth Fowler 9407 4265 / 0408 779 903