A 'Safe Start' to the year for the Oberon Bathurst region

Forestry Corporation of NSW kicked off its Safe Start 2018 campaign across the State this week, providing timely reminders to the timber industry and local communities to put safety first when returning to work after the holidays.

Historically, the timber industry has seen an upwards spike in vehicle incidents early in the year, as heavy vehicle operators adjust to being back on the road after an extended period of rest.

As transport operations commence for 2018, Forestry Corporation has put in place a host of measures to keep staff, contractors and locals safe on the roads within the Bathurst and Oberon region.

“As professional drivers of haulage vehicles, our operators are acutely aware that there are increased risks when returning to work following a long break,” said Tijmen Klootwijk, Forestry Corporation’s Haulage and Sales Manager based in Bathurst.

“In partnership with our transport providers, Forestry Corporation is supporting these drivers as they get their body clocks back into work mode by providing refreshments and resources to manage the challenges this time of year presents”.  Said Tijmen Klootwijk, Haulage and Sales Manager.

The campaign also aims to alert other road users to the presence of haulage vehicles transporting sawlogs to local processors in Oberon and Bathurst, with variable message signs placed at strategic locations within the region.

“The roadside messaging: Timber Industry – Safe Start 2018 – for us, our mates and families, highlights the very close links our industry has to our local communities,” said Mr Klootwijk.

Forestry Corporation of NSW has a strong record of supporting drivers with the latest technological advancements in its haulage vehicles, including electronic roll prevention systems on trucks and trailers, fatigue sensing cameras, speed-monitoring systems, automatic load tensioning devices and daytime running lights.

The Safe Start 2018 campaign launched on Monday, with various events and activities being held across NSW, which will run for a period of two weeks.

“The aim of our Safe Start campaign is to get everybody working together to make sure we’re all operating efficiently and effectively at the highest safety standards,” Mr Klootwijk said.

To find out more about Forestry Corporation’s transport operations, visit www.forestrycorporation.com.au

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