Chichester State Forest (Telegherry River)

Camping:Yes Walking track: Yes 4 wheel driving: Yes Designated cycling track: No Designated horse riding track: No Canoeing / Kayaking: No Swimming: No Fishing: No Accommodation: No Fireplace/BBQ: Yes Caravan site: No 2 wheel access: Yes Picnic area: Yes Toilets:Yes Wheelchair access: No Lookout: No Hunting: Yes

Recreation areas in the state forests of the Lower Barrington Tops are focused in Chichester State Forest, accessed via Dungog or Gresford. Chichester is divided into two distinct areas, the western side centred on the Allyn River and the eastern side centred on the Telegherry River.

Access to sites around Allyn River is via Dungog or Gresford, about 2 hours drive from Newcastle or 3.5 hours from Sydney. Coming from Gresford, the road crosses a number of causeways that may be impassable during periods of heavy rain.

For access to sites along Telegherry River, take Chichester Dam Road from Dungog and turn right into Wangat road to get into the forest. Recreation sites can be accessed from Wangat, Middle Ridge Frying Pan Road.

Forests in this area have been harvested for timber for many decades – some for over 150 years. The forests you see today are regrowth forests which means they have been harvested many times over and grown back. Today's forest management practices protect biodiversity, soil and water quality and cultural heritage sites while also allowing for sustainable timber production. NSW State Forests – here today, here tomorrow. Find out more about sustainable forest management.

Visitor facilities

Telegherry Forest Park

Camping:YesPicnic facilities:YesToilets area:YesWalking tracks:YesCaravan access

On the way to Telegherry Forest Park you will find a small, open air museum of old logging machinery. This is an excellent reminder of how logging equipment and practices have advanced over time. Telegherry Forest Park contains separate picnic and camping areas beside the river. There are a number of short walking trails leading into the surrounding forest and a creek that's popular for swimming or li-loing on. Following wet weather, Telegherry may be closed to the public and the gate will be locked. If the weather has been wet, you can check with the Forestry Corporation office in Wauchope to ensure the sites are open.

Frying Pan Creek

Camping:YesToilets area:YesBarbecue:YesCaravan access

Another picturesque and very popular camping and picnic area on the banks of the fast flowing Telegherry River is Frying Pan Creek. Frying Pan is well liked by trail bike riders – click here for guidelines.

On the opposite bank is the Coachwood Camping Area. The two kilometre (return) walking trail to Problem Creek Falls starts at the downstream end of the Coachwood Camping area. This spot is popular with family groups and those wishing to enjoy river-based activities.

Frying Pan Creek, on the banks of the fast flowing Telegherry River and Coachwood Camping Area on the opposite bank are picturesque and popular picnic and camping areas.

Coachwood Camping Area

Camping:YesToilets area:YesBarbecue:YesCaravan access

On the Telegherry River is the picturesque Coachwood Camping Area. This spot is popular with family groups and those wishing to enjoy river-based activities.

Currawong Camping Area

Camping:YesToilets area:Yes

A site where access is really only for four-wheel-drive vehicles, Currawong is a particularly nice spot away from the larger recreation areas, Currawong offers easy access to the Telegherry River for paddling, swimming or liloing. The Currawong Camping Area can only be accessed by 4WD, due to a river crossing that varies in depth due to rainfall variations.

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