Sealy Lookout upgrade

Forestry Corporation has identified the need to increase parking and provide an additional toilet facility in Bruxner Park Flora Reserve, Orara East State Forest. This follows visitor surveys, car counter analysis and visitation growth, and is considered necessary to address growing visitor demand and manage associated issues and impacts.

Sealy and Korora Lookouts and the associated walking tracks throughout the flora reserve provide nature based experiences for locals and visitors to the Coffs Coast. Over the past five years, since the Forests Sky Pier was built, visitation has increased on average 15 per cent per year and over the past 12 months the area has welcomed around 175,000 visitors. Forestry Corporation has carried out a number of improvements to the area over the past five years creating a significant asset for the Coffs Coast. The achievement of regional and state tourism awards over the last few years are recognition of the value of this asset to the tourism industry. The interpretation of the local Aboriginal story of Gumgali on the walk to Korora Lookout, Gumgali Track, has proven particularly popular and is a key experience for visitors to the Coffs Coast.  Building on the success of Gumgali track, Bularri Muurlay Nyanggan Aboriginal Corporation has begun cultural tours over the past seven months.

Forestry Corporation has identified that parking at Sealy and Korora Lookouts carparks (approximately 500 metres apart) is at capacity during peak periods, particularly Korora Lookout, and future projections of visitation highlights the need for increased parking. A design for 50 carparking spaces adjacent to Scenic drive between Korora and Sealy Lookout Carparks has been prepared by consultant engineers. In addition to the proposed carpark, Forestry Corporation has identified the need for additional toilet facilities for visitors to Gumgali Track and Korora lookout, and is proposing a small toilet block opposite Korora Lookout Carpark, of a similar design to the toilets currently at Sealy Lookout.

An Environmental Impact Assessment has been prepared which assessed the likely significance of potential adverse impacts on the environment from the proposal. This assessment has rated the potential adverse impacts as being low.  Additionally, a number of mitigating conditions were identified during the assessment process to minimise the impact of the proposal on the environment.

Bruxner Park Flora Reserve has a plan of management, ‘Working Plan for Bruxner Park Flora Reserve No 3’, which was last reviewed and updated in 2011. This Working Plan identifies objectives of management including to provide for recreational and ecotourism use of the Reserve while limiting risk to an acceptably low level. The management strategies of the plan allow for new car parking spaces adjacent to existing roads and other facilities to enhance sustainable ecotourism and recreation. As such, it is considered that this proposal fits with objectives and management strategies of the reserve plan.

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