Forest Management plans

Ecologically Sustainable Forest Management (ESFM) is the guiding philosophy behind the management of State forests in NSW. This philosophy unpins the systems and processes applied by Forestry Corporation and maintains high ecological principles and biodiversity while taking into consideration the needs and benefits to communities and industry

ESFM is a philosophy that delivers social, environmental and economic benefits for the people of NSW while understanding that we are the custodians of these forests for future generations.'

Forest Management Plans for Hardwood Forests and Softwood Plantations were reviewed in 2015-16. These were placed on public exhibition and submissions invited from stakeholders. Read a summary of submissions for the Hardwood Forests Plan here.

Forestry Corporation continues to welcome feedback from stakeholders on these plans. Feedback can be sent to

Forest Management Plans

Supplementary plans and maps

The supplementary plans and maps listed below relate to the ESFM plans (Ecologically Sustainable Forest Management).

Forestry Corporation regional boundaries are used operationally to manage the forests throughout the state. These do not align exactly with the CRA/RFA boundaries which guided the creation of these plans.

Boundary Map

View the boundary map [PDF]


CAR = Comprehensive, adequate and representative (reserve system)
CRA = Comprehensive regional assessment
RFA = Regional forest agreement

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