Tarkeeth State Forest plantations replanted with new timber crop

A team of planters has completed a two-week operation to replant the eucalypt plantations that were harvested last year in Tarkeeth State Forest to establish the second timber crop since the former dairy farm was planted with timber in the 1960s and 70s.

Forestry Corporation of NSW’s Plantation Manager Graeme Sonter said a robust crop of native seedlings was planted by hand, with an experienced planter able to put about 2,000 seedlings in the ground each day.

“We had a team of planters out in Tarkeeth State Forest for two weeks replating 1,100 seedlings in every hectare that we harvested last year, to regrow the second timber crop on this site to provide timber for the next generation,” Mr Sonter said.

“The seedlings were grown in our Grafton nursery, which produces more than half a million high quality eucalyptus seedlings a year to re-establish State forest plantations on the north coast.

“The nursery cultivates seeds that we specially select from trees from our seed orchard in Tarkeeth State Forest, as well as other trees growing well in State forests elsewhere on the north coast, to ensure every seedling has the best chance of growing into a strong, straight tree.

“Many of these seedlings have been grown from seeds harvested from trees right here in the forest, so they are perfectly adapted to the local conditions and will rapidly regrow this plantation.”

Forestry Corporation’s Senior Planning Manager Dean Kearney said Tarkeeth State Forest contained 850 hectares of plantations that were currently being harvested and replanted over several years.

“Eucalypt plantations like the ones in Tarkeeth State Forest play an important role in supplying renewable hardwood timber products to the community,” Mr Kearney said.

“Hardwood timber is a product the community love in their homes and is in demand for everything from flooring and decking to fencing and furniture. Sourcing timber from plantations and then replanting those plantations for the future is a really sustainable way to supply the community with renewable products that look beautiful and store carbon for generations to come.”

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