Dog walkers advised to avoid Scotchman State Forest during baiting

Local pet owners are advised to keep dogs away from Scotchman State Forest during July and August while Forestry Corporation of NSW completes a two-month wild dog baiting program in the forest.

Forestry Corporation’s Protection Planner Dan Allen said baiting was an effective measure for controlling wild dogs.

“Wild dogs pose a significant risk to wildlife as well as livestock on adjoining properties, so we have been working with local landowners to develop a baiting program to control wild dogs in Scotchman State Forest and across the broader area,” Mr Allen said.

“We will be burying 1080 poison baits in the ground at designated points along certain roads throughout Scotchman State Forest over a two-month period from 3 July 2017.

“These baits are very effective on wild dogs, but unfortunately they do also pose a risk to domestic dogs and cats, so we encourage pet owners to keep their animals under control and away from baited areas.

“If you do want to continue walking your dog in the forest during this period, our advice is to take extra care, pay attention to signs in the forest, stick to formed roads and keep your dog on a lead and under control at all times.”

Baits will not be placed within 150 metres of neighbouring dwellings and advisory signage will be placed on all roads leading into areas that have been baited. For more information about baiting, contact Forestry Corporation’s Coffs Harbour office on 6652 0111.

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