State forest rest area celebrates the life and passion of Spiro and Brinos Notaras

Much-loved Grafton identities the late Spiro and Brinos Notaras have been celebrated in a ceremony today to rename a revamped rest area and memorial to the brothers in Glenugie State Forest.

Forestry Corporation of NSW’s CEO Nick Roberts said the Lambrinos and Spiro Notaras Memorial Rest Area was a tribute to the passion of the Notaras brothers, who spent more than half a century working in the local timber industry.

“Spiro and Brinos were much loved members of the Grafton community and the Notaras and Sons mill is embedded in Grafton’s history. They were also long-time friends and colleagues to many of us in the timber industry,” Mr Roberts said.

“We first established the memorial in Glenugie State Forest following the passing of Brinos in 2005. After Spiro sadly passed away last year, we wanted to show our respects, so we have spruced up the rest area and memorial to acknowledge the contribution both brothers made to the local timber industry.

“The Notaras brothers recognised that the north coast timber industry was an industry with a bright future, an industry to be proud of and great industry to be a part of – and this memorial celebrates that passion.

“Over the past century, the timber industry has been responsible for the development of entire communities, both by creating local jobs and by producing timber for vital infrastructure such as railway sleepers, power poles, house frames and – like Notaras and Sons – timber floors.

“Importantly, the industry is sustainable, so the same forests that have been building NSW for a century are still thriving today, still producing timber, still supporting an amazing diversity of flora and fauna and still available for the community to enjoy.

“Spiro and Brinos had a big impact on our industry, and I hope this memorial stands as a mark of the love and respect all of us had for these two brothers.”

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