Visitors reminded to play it safe on forest roads

Campers, four wheel drivers, trail bike riders and picnickers are reminded to be aware of heavy vehicles when driving in local State forests, as log truck drivers return to work this week after the Christmas break.

Forestry Corporation of NSW’s Haulage and Sales Manager Tijmen Klootwijk said State forests are working forests and reminded visitors that they may be sharing forest roads with log trucks and other heavy vehicles.

“We encourage people to get out and enjoy State forests but remind visitors to play it safe. Forest roads leading to picnic and camping areas are generally busier than normal during school holidays and from this week you will be sharing these forest roads with log trucks as well,” Mr Klootwijk said.

“Even if you use a forest road regularly please take extra care over the holiday period, be aware of other vehicles and drive to the conditions.

“There is a speed limit of 60 kilometres an hour on all forest roads, but weather and road conditions can change quickly and there are some narrow, winding roads where drivers should really take it easy and pay a bit of extra attention.

“Drivers should take extra care on corners and in poor weather and be prepared to pull over to let heavy vehicles pass on narrow stretches of road.

“If you’re in a four wheel drive, by all means explore the forest trails but stick to formed roads and don’t attempt to bush bash. There are plenty of forest trails where you can experience a genuine off-road adventure without getting stuck or damaging your vehicle or the forest.

“If you’re exploring the forest on a trail bike, remember you require a licence, your vehicle needs to be registered and you must stick to formed forest roads.

“Forestry Corporation has been working closely with truck drivers over the past few years to improve safety on forest roads and will be reminding all our log truck drivers to take extra care and look out for extra traffic in the forest as they return to work this week.”

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