Five-day blitz keeps Chichester State Forest family friendly

A five-day blitz was held along the Allyn River in Chichester State Forest over the Australia Day and weekend period to stamp out antisocial behaviour and keep the popular picnic and camping areas family friendly.

Forestry Corporation of NSW’s Partnerships Leader Mike Hill said Police from Central Hunter teamed up with Forestry Corporation authorised officers to carry out joint patrols targeting compliance with road rules as well as camping in designated areas, littering, noise and antisocial behaviour.

Chichester State Forest has a number of free camping areas nestled alongside some beautiful swimming holes along the Allyn River, so it is understandably one of our most popular visitor destinations,” Mr Hill said.

“Over the five-day period, we welcomed 477 separate vehicles carrying a total of 1,456 visitors into the forest to enjoy the picnic and camping areas along the Allyn River.

“The great news is the vast majority of these visitors were doing the right thing and just out to enjoy the forest with the family, but there’s a small number of visitors who still need reminding that State forests are there to be shared by the whole community.

“When it comes to road users in particular, State forest roads are public roads and all the normal road rules apply. This means you must have a licence, your vehicle must be registered and you must stick to the speed limit.

“While most forest roads have a limit of 60 kilometres an hour, speed limits of 20 kilometres an hour have been introduced in shared zones near popular camping and picnic areas.

“Speeding, drink driving, riding in the trays of utes and riding unregistered vehicles such as quad bikes are unsafe, illegal and just not on.

“We work closely with police and the community to make sure State forests are safe for the whole community and the rules are there to make sure all our visitors can enjoy the forest experience.

“The operation sent a clear message to forest users that we want visitors to stay and play, but State forests are family friendly, so be respectful and stick to the rules.”

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