Solid Fuel Fire Bans lifted in time for Easter weekend

Campers heading to the State forests in the Riverina this Easter will be able to light campfires and barbecues using wood, charcoal or other solid fuel, with Solid Fuel Fire Bans lifted from midnight on Friday 7 April. Solid Fuel Fire Bans still apply in pine forests near Tumut and Tumbarumba, including the Blowering Dam foreshore, but will be lifted by the Easter weekend if weather permits.

Forestry Corporation of NSW’s district manager Andrew McCurdy said solid fuel fires had been banned during summer to limit the risk of bushfires.

“We have reached the end of the formal fire season, so the high-risk period has passed and visitors can light wood or charcoal campfires and barbecues in State forests from midnight on Friday 7 April,” Mr McCurdy said.

“While the high fire danger period has passed, we urge all campers to exercise common sense and remain vigilant when lighting and using fires in the forest.

“Please use properly constructed fire places, sweep away all leaves grasses and other flammable material around the fireplace before lighting a campfire and make sure your campfire is completely extinguished before you leave the forest. Remember to put safety first and never leave a campfire unattended.

“We use Solid Fuel Fire Bans to limit the risk of fires escaping and igniting during the hot summer months and we thank campers for helping us protect these forests and surrounding communities from fire by using gas appliances throughout the summer.”

Solid Fuel Fire Bans have been lifted from midnight on 7 April 2017 in the Koondrook, Perricoota and Campbells Island State Forests along the Murray, the Gillenbah, Buckingbong, Matong and Binya State forests in the Murrumbidgee catchment and smaller cypress forests.

Solid Fuel Fire Bans are expected to be lifted in the pine forests around Tumut and Tumbarumba shortly. Campers are reminded to pay attention to signs in these forests and not to light any fires within the pine plantation.

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