A 'remarkable pine' Christmas tree arrives at Government House

From Penrose State Forest in the Southern Highlands to Government House in Sydney’s Macquarie Street, a statuesque plantation pine has delivered plenty of Christmas spirit.

Forestry Corporation of NSW proudly donated the 5 metre tall Christmas tree – a radiata pine sourced from its softwood plantation in Moss Vale – to Government House, where it takes pride of place in the building’s iconic foyer and can be enjoyed by the public.

Forestry Corporation's Snowy region based Stewardship and Fire Manager, Charlie Taylor, said although the tree is not traditionally a species associated with Christmas, versatility is a feature of Australian timber.

“This beautiful radiata pine tree is right at home in the elaborate Government House building with its rich history and magnificent views. It gives visitors an appreciation for the versatility of radiata pine grown here in New South Wales,” said Mr Taylor.

Radiata pine (Pinus radiata) was originally named Pinus insignis or 'remarkable pine', an apt name for an easily raised and planted tree, which has a host of useful applications.

"We know radiata pine is used in construction and pulp and paper products, but you might not know forest pine plantations across New South Wales produce enough timber to construct a quarter of houses built in Australia each year.

“Forestry Corporation is delighted to see a locally grown Christmas tree standing tall at Government House."

Guided tours of Government House are conducted regularly and more information is available at https://www.governor.nsw.gov.au/government-house/

Visit http://www.forestrycorporation.com.au/ for more information about New South Wales state forests.

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